8 awesome and easy craft ideas using pop tab


You don’t have to throw out those soda tin cans. These cans are very versatile and There are many things you can make with soda cans from home decoration, fashion to toys. Mostly you can get these on restaurants and other food stands where they just dispose it but with ...

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7 cool halloween craft ideas for kids


7 cool halloween craft ideas for kids   Halloween is coming! last week a friend of mine asked me if i have some arts and crafts ideas  that he can do with his kids this Halloween, i immediately turned on my laptop and browse on pinterest to look for some ideas that ...

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DIY Coffee Table using pallet


DIY Coffee Table using pallet   This is one of those diy coffee table best made with pallet slats of the same thickness for a nice, even tabletop. With that said, I did not follow that advice and I still love the look and the little imperfections. (We just need ...

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Wood Pallet 101


Wood Pallet 101   WOOD PALLET Are you looking for ways on how to start a new wooden project? Or you just want to know how to handle pallets? Well you come to the right place. In this article you’ll learn the basics on how to use pallets. The purpose of ...

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5 awesome gift ideas for teachers

wine jar

When a teacher received gifts no matter how small or big are they in terms of size and amount they feel valued and respected. It makes them feel how a student appreciate a person’s part not only as a teacher but as part of their life. It makes a person ...

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